Frequently Asked Questions
& Rental Tips

Items to question when shopping
limousine transportation for your special occasion.

How much are your prices? Are they hourly?

ELS caters to the entire state of Wisconsin, including other locations outside of Wisconsin, therefore, we do not set flat hourly rates. Escort Limousine Services has sedans, vans, limousines, SUV limousines and buses, which range from 1 – 36 passengers per vehicle and this is why we offer custom price packages to fit your needs. All limousines are based on passengers riding in the rear and not up front with the chauffeur. ( As an estimate, prices range from $50.00 – $450.00 per hour depending on vehicle size.)

How far in advance should I reserve a limousine?

When booking a Friday or Saturday Wedding, please note that ELS (Escort Limousine Services) reserves peak Wedding dates 1-3 years in advance. This is due in part, because of the vehicles we have in our fleet, and there are only a few limousines in the entire state of Wisconsin that can accommodate larger parties over 16 people.

What vehicles are available at Escort Limousine?

We feature the largest selection of limousines in Wisconsin, with passenger capacities in 16 different vehicles sizes, exclusively available at ELS : Escort Limousine Services. The overall size of the cabin and the number of seat belts available determine seating capacity. Please be advised that vehicles cannot accommodate their maximum with larger people (people 140+ lbs) in a comfortable manner. ** For Comfort, we suggest 2 people less than maximum capacity (Excluding Buses, Excalibur & Lincoln Town Car). Please see the Fleet / Vehicles Page for more details.

What is included in the limousine service?

It is against state law for Escort Limousine Services to include alcohol, however, the customer is allowed to bring your own. Beware of unethical companies with billing methods that tack on extra “fees” such as beverage charges, and other miscellaneous charges.

Can I drink alcohol in the limousine?

Yes, if you are over the age of 21 (State Law) and you can provide the driver with a picture identification. Underage drinking in a limousine is never tolerated, and is grounds to terminate job. It is against state law for limousine operators in Wisconsin to include or provide alcohol, however, the customer is allowed to bring their own.

Why can’t I rent a limousine for 1 hour?

Occasionally, we receive requests for a limousine for only 1 hour. Industry standard is to require a minimum 2 or 3 hour booking to rent a vehicle (except for Limo Shuttle, which is a Division Owned and Operated by Escort Limousine). A new limousine can cost $80,000 – $140,000, thus a one-hour rental is simply not cost effective because company is only able to bill for one hour while the time the vehicle is occupied may exceed 2 hours. Additionally, during the prom & wedding season, the minimum hourly booking requirements will increase to 3 or 4 hours due to the monumental demand for limousine service.

Do we pay for the time we are not using the limousine?

During the time spent when you are not using the limousine (i.e. shopping, dinner, concerts, sporting events, etc.) you are still required to pay for the rental time, even though you aren’t physically using the vehicle. This is, of course, because the vehicle cannot be used elsewhere even though you are not using the vehicle. This is the industry standard, even when there are several hours in between drop-off and pickup times.

If I rent a limousine, when do my rental charges start?

Some limousine companies often begin their rental charges on a point-to-point basis and charge “travel-time.” Specifically, your rental time may begin the moment the limousine begins its journey to your first pickup location. At ELS, our standard billing practice is to begin our rental charges at your designated pickup time at your pickup location. “Travel Time” charges are usually reserved for our rural area customers where the distance may exceed 30 miles. Please call ELS : Escort Limousine Services for details between 9 am – 5 pm daily or contact us.

Can I see the vehicle that I will be renting beforehand?

Yes! Escort Limousine Services is one limousine company in the Green Bay/Fox Valley area that will gladly allow you to view and inspect our vehicles. We feel that the condition of the vehicle and a face-to-face meeting will say a lot about the service you will receive on your wedding day. Be sure to ask to see our Lincoln Super-Stretch Limousines (available in either Black or White) and our SUV Stretched Limousines . With up to 24 passengers, our vehicles have become a standard for brides looking to keep the entire wedding party in one limousine or check out our 20 and 36 passenger Limo Bus or 20 passenger Party Bus. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or visit the fleet page.

Do I need to sign a contract to rent a limousine?

Escort Limousine Services will provide you with a binding written agreement assuring you that you are securing the exact service you expect on your special day. Additionally, you should never be asked to pay the full fare in advance of your wedding day. A fair deposit of 50% is considered the industry standard. The full balance due plus gratuity should be a sign to be cautious!

Is the company with the cheapest quote the one I should rent from?

Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” According to the National Limousine Association’s (NLA) Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing Professional Transportation, if there is one thing consumers learn the hard way in the limousine business, it is that the least expensive option is by all means not always the most reliable and efficient.” At ELS, we understand that you will find lower fares in our area, but you will need to ask yourself whether or not the dollars saved is worth the potential frustration.

What is included in the Wedding Package Price?

Wedding rates are typically presented as a package price. For example, ELS offers 3 to 10 hour wedding packages. Always, ask what is included (i.e. sales tax, gratuity, miscellaneous fees). ELS offers the following items in all of our wedding package prices:

Ice, Wine Glasses (or Cups)
Tuxedoed or formally attired chauffeur

How old are your limousines?

When making a reservation for a limousine, be sure that you are certain what type of vehicle you are getting. A simple description such as “8-passenger limousine” is insufficient. The majority of smaller limousine operators will buy older used limousines. At present, there are 4 Lincoln body styles of limousines in circulation. Be absolutely sure so that you will not be surprised on your wedding day by a 1989 stretch limousine when you were expecting a 2006 model. There is nothing necessarily wrong with older model limousines, however, we strongly suggest that you personally inspect any vehicle you rent, that is over 4 years old.

What is your reservation policy?

The majority of limousine operators will require that you book their vehicle for a minimum of 4 hours when making your reservations. We encourage you to consider extending your reservation beyond the standard four hours in advance, since we cannot guarantee that the vehicle can be available to you beyond the reserved time. Most of our wedding clientele enjoy having us collect them from their reception and take them to the airport, hotel, or honeymoon destination. However, this usually does not all fit within a four hour time frame. The standard industry practice is to request a 50% nonrefundable deposit to hold your reservation for a limousine and the balance typically due 10 days before the wedding date. At ELS, however, we offer the convenience of making your reservation via Fax or In Person and allow any unpaid balance to be paid on or before the day the service is provided.